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Borough of Hinckley & Bosworth

The Borough of  Hinckley and Bosworth, lies in the centre of England. As this site is developed further information on the borough, it's history and attractions will be added. The official web-site of the Borough Council can be found here. For those who would like to find information on tourism for the area, the Hinckley & Bosworth Tourism Partnership web-site can be accessed here. The photographs on the top of each page of this web-site include views of the area.

Hinckley - a brief history


Hinckley is a market town in the south-west of Leicestershire. It's history dates back to Saxon times and was recorded in the Doomsday Book in 1086 as being a small village. A market was first recorded there in 1311. A prominent part was played by the town in the English civil war during the years of 1642 to 1651.

The town developed it's hosiery industry in the 17th century, the first framework knitting machine being brought here by Joseph Iliffe and by the 19th century Hinckley had become responsible for a large proportion of Britains hosiery production. The Hinckley Musem is located in an example of a 17th Century framework knitter's cottage. In the 19th century the town's hosiery industry was so great that only Leicester exceeded it's output of stockings and it was estimated that in 1830, 6000 people were employed in the industry. Castle Street in the town was the first known location where Luddism was recorded and disgruntled workers replaced by machines took sledge hammers to the machines.

Joseph Hansom built the first Hansom Cab in the town in 1835 and an example of this is to be found on display at the Hinckley Island Hotel.

Today with the great decline in the hosiery industry the town is home to a variety of modern industries including Triumph Motocycles, Ultima Sports Ltd and Hammonds Furniture. Being at a strategic location served by the M69 and A5 Hinckley is well based for the location of distribution companies and several have located here including Tesco. One of the largest former hosiery factories, Atkins, has been redeveloped into a hub for the creative and technology industries now being known as The Atkins Building and sits alongside the new Hinckley & North Warwickshire College Campus - photos of this appear on our web site header.

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