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The history of this Lodge dates back to 1803 when seven Brethren signed a petition for a Warrant addressed to the Antients or Atholl Grand Lodge. Of these, four had been members of Lodge 91 meeting in Leicester and one, who had also previously been a member of Lodge 91 in Leicester, was a member of St. Johns Lodge, then numbered 562.  Bro. Henry Granger was chosen as the first Master and, without any pomp or circumstance, was installed by three other Brethren, Bro. Henry Wright, Bro. Jonathan Atkins and Bro. Samuel Marston, all of who were Past Masters (as was Bro. Wright himself), on March 1st 1803.  The meeting place of the new Lodge was the Prince of Wales Inn in Lichfield Street, Hinckley. 
Hinckley, at that time, was a town with a strong agricultural base as well as being a centre for the manufacture of stockings, and all of the members were small manufacturers or traders. The dramatic drop in demand for stockings after the Napoleonic War caused severe problems for the local economy and for a while in the 1850’s it appeared that the Lodge might founder. However, the then Provincial Grand Master, Earl Howe, took the Mastership of the Lodge for two years and started a recovery which brought new members into the Lodge. From that time the Lodge prospered and has a strong membership today with many candidates coming forward. When the Brethren of the Lodge took the bold and sensible step of building a Masonic Hall in Hinckley, which was completed in 1929, the future was secure and enabled other Lodges to be formed in the town. Today, the Lodge membership is drawn from a wide variety of occupations and this creates a vibrant atmosphere. The Lodge was proud to celebrate its Bi-Centenary in 2003 in Leicester and looks forward to the next anniversary with eager anticipation!

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